Saturday, July 24, 2021

Andhra police rescue Telangana boy from kidnappers

Andhra police rescued a Telangana boy from the clutches of kidnapers. They arrested 2 culprits in this case and sent the boy to his home safe.

Getting into details, two strangers kidnapped a boy named Suman Naik belonging Nalgonda district and took him across Andhra border to Prakasam district. Getting suspicious about their movements, Andhra police chased down them and caught them with the boy. Two of the 4 kidnappers were arrested while 2 others are reportedly at large.

At least 10 people killed US University Shooting.

In a grave incident, a gunman on early Friday morning fired indiscriminately killing at least 10 people and wounding as many as 20 in Umpqua Community College in Oregon, the police said. The college is located in a city named Roseburg in Southern Oregon. The attacker was reportedly detained after the shooting.

Meanwhile, President Obama expressed deep shock and called for ending gun culture in US society.

This sort of firing in educational institutions have become quite common in the United States for the last several years, which is a major educational hub for students across the world.

Iran’s women’s football team had men.

Iran’s football association has now ordered gender-testing of their women’s football team after these allegations.

This sensational news broke out after Mojtabi Sharifi, an Iran’s national football team official tipped the news to the media.
Report to this effect in The Telegraph newspaper led to authorities ordering gender testing of the entire national team, and other players in the country, and found 8 culprits.

Telegraph should be noted here that changing operations in Iran are legal. It is difficult to differentiate men with woman in an Iranian team as they play fully covered from head to body. The Telegraph looks like they used this attire in their favor and took undue advantage of more power that men obviously possess.

Sardar shoots a song.

Putting rest to all rumors surrounding Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Sardar Gabbar Singh, a song has been shot on Pawan Kalyan and Rai Lakshmi in a specially erected set. This song will be a special attraction to the film. Earlier, there were rumors all over the place about Power Star not happy with director Bobby, and he wanted him changed. Now, these are all proved to be just rumors with no truth in it. Earlier, there were also reports that Pawan will grace the audio release of Bruce Lee, which also ended up being just a rumor.

KTR agrees to competition with Harish.

KTR stated today there is a truth about competition between him and Harish Rao, but only with respect to the development of their respective constituencies. He further said there are no political differences among them and these rumors are spread for political gains. He said that both will work under KCR’s leadership and will do so in the future, as well.

KTR categorically denied any misappropriation in water grid and supported police on Warangal encounter stating that it was part of police duty.

Nara Rohit has his mouth full.

Nara Rohit has got an image of choosing different kind of films. Reports suggest besides Savitri and Appatlo Okadundevadu, he has another 4 films in hand. Now, he is starting another movie. Titled Kathalo Rajakumari, this movie is being directed by Mahesh Surapaneni. Boggaram Srinivas who made Karthikeya with Nikhil will produce this. Title suggests that the story revolves around hero’s search for heroine. Shamili, who could not taste much success with Oy about 6 years back, is making a comeback with this film. Nara’s star is planning to finish the movies as soon as possible and if everything goes well, next year will see lot of his releases. Judging by his speed, analysts believe that he will cross 50 films pretty soon.

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