Benefits of buying a policy


When we finally decide to take a health policy, several questions like where to take, whom to contact, reliability of the agent and whether we can take the best one available arise. Technology is now making life easier in many ways. On-line shopping for clothes, electronics, books and even food, fruits and vegetables is being done now just with a click. So, now let us know the benefits of buying the very important health policy on line.

Time saving:

Only purchase of the policy most importantly saves a lot of time. Can buy a policy just sitting at home without needing to go to the insurance company office. On the other hand, if policy is taken through agent, we may have to wait for him.

Changing lifestyle is making daily activities challenging and in such times, making rounds around agent is very cumbersome and one can get all the info online itself.

Safe policy documents:

It is tough to save the receipts of premium and other documents physically. There is every chance of them getting destroyed in case of any fire accident. However, with an online policy, just the policy number is enough and all our documents are pretty safe.

Easy through questions:

It is very easy to buy the best policy suited to us online. Some companies select the best policies per our needs by asking some simple questions and we can choose from the list.

Agent commission saved

The maintenance and processing charges are to be borne by the customer for a policy taken through agent but since there is no scope of such middlemen for online policies, there is every chance of lower premium.

Policies through agent are limited to only those the agent chooses to disclose whereas online, the whole plethora of policies are there to be chosen from to chose the best one with a little expertise.


We can compare different policies online. Differences in premiums, the issues covered by the insurance, damage cover, details of network hospitals, serious illnesses covered, waiting period, etc can be compared and the right one can be bought.

Direction towards purchase:

In case you like a policy and want to buy it, the insurance company will redirect us to buying page. When you fill all our details, it asks us to choose the policy you want to buy. You have to fill the policy tenure, limit, the problems to be covered, premium payment period, etc. later after entering our name and phone number and other primary details, it directs to payment gatway. After paying the premium, you will get the policy number and a document confirming the payment. This can be saved by printing or in mail.

Payment of premiums online:

Premiums of policies taken online can be paid online itself. Or if you feel that you may forget to pay on time, you can always giving standing instruction to deduct from your account provided by some companies.

Care to be taken while buying online policies

· First recognize your health needs and examine the quote given by the insurance company after filling all the details.

. Go through other policies thoroughly as well. don’t fall for high coverage or low premium but check the diseases covered and network of hospitals.

· Fill online details yourself honestly. For example if you are a smoker, don’t hide it because it is very easy to find the nicotine percentage through blood test. Give full details about your family history and inherited diseases. Also disclose any previous serious illnesses.

· Some companies try to attract users by giving subsidies for increase in insurance or tenure. This is similar to giving 1+1 offer after quoting higher price. We may not need such high insurance amount some times. For example a company may state that 10-year policy will cost 9000 and 5 year 5000 but if you just need it for 5 years, we may end up paying 4000 unnecessarily.

· It is always prudent to buy any online policy from a reputed company.

· Check if the payment website is secured or not. You can check this by looking for secured green colored in the address.

· Fill the card details in the payment gateway carefully. Always complete the payment only if you feel the payment is secure.

· Save the documents received after payment and take a print if possible.