Saturday, July 24, 2021

Facebook unstoppable in India

Research conducted on the name of Connected Live by CTS opined that Facebook continues to draw unprecedented craze in India. It researched on psyche of around 65000 facebook users of 50 countries. It stated that the most of the social marketing is being hosted on Facebook and it also carries a huge chunk of personal messages. India has almost 51% Facebook users but whatsapp has its nose ahead in popularity with 56%. Worldwide, Facebook is the most popular social network with about 30% users but Whatsapp continues to dominate in instant messaging. Meanwhile, it said that 72% people of Hong Kong, 72% of Taiwan, 78% of Thailand and 51% of India visit Facebook every day.

Live-in relationship goes awry.

A couple was living together for a long time but as differences arose, the woman beat her partner to death in anger. Later, she surrendered herself to police. Going into details, Santa (30) of Muchenapalli village and Rajendra Prasangi (38) of G. Kondur have been living together for some time. But Santa has been suspecting infidelity by Rajendra for some time. Meanwhile, Rajendra pressurized her to move to G. Kondur and during the heated exchanges the woman beat the man twice with a heavy pestle. Injured seriously, the man died on the spot. Later, Santa surrendered herself to the police in Reddigudem station. Police are investigating the case.

Superstar chased by tiger.

Super start Amitabh Bachan was chased by a tiger around 4 km when he visited Sanjay Gandhi Reserve National Park. Apparently, Amitab has been appointed as the brand ambassador for a tiger conservation program set up by Maharashtra government. When he attended a program organized in the park in this connection, a tiger chased him nearly a distance of 4 km. Superstar shared his experience on Twitter stating “superb experience” and even shared photos related to this.

Bruce Lee creates pre-release record.

Bruce Lee starring Ram Charan, directed by Srinu Vaital has shot the last song recently and only two days worth of shoot is left. Meanwhile, Chiru’s cameo in this film has drawn immense craze and this is apparent with unprecedented business overseas. Great India Films, which acquired overseas right is planning to release this in 350 centers. They are making arrangements to release in 220 centers in North America alone. While positive pre-release buzz is one of the reasons for this craze, Srinu Vaitla’s good image overseas, and most importantly, Chiru’s reentry after 8 years combined for record-breaking opening bonanza in Ram Charan’s whole career. Trade experts believe this film will break 10 million record in the first two days itself.

Sting operation exposes minister.

A minister who was enjoying all amenities in the name of ill-health after being sentenced by the court is being exposed in a sting operation.

Uttar Pradesh former minister Amarmani Tripathi and his wife Madhumani were sentenced for life on charges of murdering writer Madhumita Shukhla and were doing sentence in Gorakhpur jail. The minister is even reportedly running his darbar from the hospital itself. A top official is reportedly overseeing all this. A few local medium people dressed as police shot all this in hidden cameras and made this public. This video is the hot topic in UP now.

Buffalo gives birth to a crocodile.

Every day, world witnesses many miracles. In another such wonder, a buffalo gave birth to an object resembling crocodile in Thailand. The body of this resembled almost a crocodile while the limbs looked like those of buffalo. The total appearance was so fearsome that the local village people are fearing it as a bad omen. Elaborating on this, scientists believe that this is a genetic experiment gone awfully wrong.

Sidhu diagnosed with life-threatening disease.

Sidhu is fondly known as sixer Sidhu for his unbelievable aggression towards spinners. The now BJP MP has been diagnosed with a severe vessel disease called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is a disease where blood gets clot in supply vessels. Sidhu got admitted in Indraprasta Hospital in New Delhi. Doctors say that though this is a life-threatening disease, Sidhu came in the on time and is out of danger. Sidhu even posted his photo on the hospital bed and hoped a speedy recovery for himself. One heck of a person indeed.

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