Fight dengue with a special policy


Many of us fall in love with rainy season for the pleasant climate but it also has haters who are scared of mosquitoes and flies that accompany the wet season. It is quite common to fall sick in this season. Mosquitoes cause malaria, filaria, dengue, etc. It is not possible to get full protection with nets, coils and ointments from mosquitoes. Health insurance companies are coming up with policies that cater to these type of seasonal diseases. Appollo Munich has come up with a new plan for dengue called Dengue Care.


· 91 days to 65 years.

· Persons above 65 years are allowed to renew.

· A maximum of 6 can be accommodate in 1 policy. But the premium payments and polcy cover are separate for each person.

Insurance amount:

· Insurance amount is two types, one is 50 thousand and the other 1 lakh.

Policy duration…

The duration is 1 year, which can be renewed for extension. Renewal has 30 days of grace period and the premium has to be paid yearly.

Waiting period:

It is only 15 days, which means that the policy comes into force only after 15 days of taking policy. There are very few health policies with such less waiting period.

Main benefits…

· Insurance amount is paid per policy if the policy holder gets admitted into hospital for dengue. The maximum amount is 50 thousand to 1 lakh based on your policy.

· Those who got outpatient treatment will get a maximum of 10000 for medicines, doctor fees, diagnostic tests, etc.

Other benefits….

· The room rent for hospital is covered along with A.C.

· Health policies in general have sublimitations and limits but this one doesn’t have any such.

· Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are also covered.

Aspects not covered in policy…

· Other diseases are not covered.

· If bought vitamin and tonics not prescribed by the doctor.

· If treatment other than dengue is rendered without showing proper cause.

· There are some limits with regards to special room in hospital.

· There are some other things that are not covered. For full details, read the brochure.

Premium calculation…

· For the policy with amount 50000, yearly premium is 444.

· The yearly premium for 1-lakh policy is 578.

· For example, a 4-member family can get a cover of 1-lakh per each member with a yearly premium of 2660.

· Service tax and other charges are extra.

· There is slight increase of service tax from 15% to 18% with GST coming into effect after July 1.

· There may be changes in premium per directions from IRDA.

· There can be changes in premium at renewal based on age.

Tax benefits…

There is exemption for the premium paid under section 80D of income tax.

Policy purchase procedure…

· The policy can be bought online from Appollo-Munich website.

· There is facility for renewal on the website itself.

· Also can be bought through agent.

How to claim…

· Claim should be done using claim form.

· To get reimbursement, the insurance company has to be informed within 15 days of diagnosis of dengue.

· The insurance company will provide cashless service through a network of hospitals. do avail this, the insurance company has to be informed within 48 hours.

· The documents needed along with the claim form are mentioned in the form itself. So, keep them handy while claiming.

The expenses for hospitalization with dengue are generally high. So, buying a policy with less premium like this can save a lot of money. This policy can be bought by those with small kids or those living in areas with high epidemic probability.