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Foods to improve eyesight


The following foods are proven to improve eyesight. Greeny vegetables and fruits should be taken more. Especially, spinach is a very good choice. Fish are also good in keeping eyes healthy. The omega fatty acids present in them protect eyes. Those who cannot eat fish can add walnuts in their food. These also have omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin A-rich carrots are very good for eyes. Never stuff the food only with carrots. All the foods mentioned above have to be incorporated into diet. Germinating seeds are also good.

The coordination between brain and eyes is very important. There are several channels made in the body for this purpose. Good coordination between cells makes the eyesight good. Retina, sclerae, pupil, iris, cornea, lens, macula, aqueous and vitreous humor, optic disc are the main parts of eye. Proper supplements keep the coordination between all these parts in good shape. Lutein, xanthene, cryptoxanthin, betacarotene, zinc, bioflavonoids, vitamin A and C are very necessary for the proper function of cells in retina.

Ill effects of high sugar

Experts say that excess sugar is the root cause for many health problems. Added sugar does not have any useful elements except pure calories besides being harmful to teeth. The reason for this is deposition of sugar in teeth and bacteria attacks the sucrose here thereby decaying teeth. That is the reason they ask you to swish immediately after taking sugar products.

The ill effects of added sugar is low in people who are active and healthy but in those who spend a sedentary lifestyle, obese and already taking too much carbohydrates are at risk. There is high risk for people taking in high calorie foods like fast foods.

Insulin is very important to our body. It plays a key role in transferring glucose from blood to cells. Diabetes is nothing but excess quantities of sugar in blood. Effects include decreased eye sight. Derailed biologic process results in ineffective insulin resulting in cells becoming insulin resistant. This in turn causes obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

Sugar releases dopamine that activates brain, therefore the craving for it never stops.