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Foreign travel….with assurance


Most have dreams of studying in a foreign soil. After making all the arrangements, there is some sort of emotion that gets into this aspiration. New country, different habits, new friends and so on…everything is going to change. After making all the payments like fees and buying flight tickets, most have the dilemma whether to take travel insurance or not. What is right here?

Foreign universities made it mandatory for foreign students to have health insurance that should continue till the course is done. Most universities don’t allow without such a policy. Generally, a normal policy may suffice but a comprehensive policy is always better. This policy while following the rules gives financial security individually. Many things should be considered while taking travel insurance. At the same time there are several myths surrounding these. Getting answers to all the doubts will clear the clouds.

Doesn’t a policy taken in India work in other countries?
Most think that since we are going to another country, should take policy only there but this is just a myth. All universities across the world accept insurance taken in India and the policies taken here are cheaper by 1/3. While you pay premium to the policy in India currency, compensation is done in the currency of the country you study. However, important to note here is that enquire whether the university you are going has any special conditions laid in this respect.

Is cashless treatment available?
Many have doubts about the availability of cashless treatment for policies taken in India. Nothing to doubt here as students can avail cashless services by showing their insurance card anywhere in the hospital of the company’s network. Indian insurance companies have agreements with world famous claim settlement organizations, who have links with hospitals worldwide. So, even if you take policy here in India, you can get treatment across the world without any doubt.

Any problem in claim settlement?
Claim settlement is same in other countries as in India. There is facility to obtain cashless services by submitting your insurance card. Even if you have paid for the treatment, you can always get the reimbursement without any issue. You just need to call the toll free number and submit the details. Claim will be settled once all your documents are submitted.

Does it work only for travel?
There is another myth that a travel insurance works only for travel. A comprehensive insurance policy not only covers travel but also throughout your stay there. The coverage starts from the time you enter airport. Health policies taken in universities only pay for medical bills but those taken in India give a comprehensive coverage, which have coverage of dental expenses, sports injuries, mental and nervous problems, etc.

Apart from medical expenses, there is insurance to loss of luggage or passport, etc. there is a facility to obtain semester expense in case one is lost due to illness. Most policies also pay for parents visiting their kid in case of serious illness.

Is renewal tough?
No. renewal is very easy and can be done by paying the premium online, which saves a lot of time.
There is opportunity to clear all your doubts about the policy before boarding the flight. So, always taken a comprehensive travel policy before going to a foreign country and stay assured.