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While going for a foreign vacation


It can be said that most Indians don’t know much about travel insurance and that is the reason they take it only if mandatory. It is always good to have a travel insurance be it domestic or foreign travel that gives assurance during trips.

The key factor for a travel insurance is payment of health expenses. The amount to be insured can be known only after enquiring about the medical and other expenses of the place of visit. Take care to have the coverage of your policy in all places of visit. Take a costlier policy if visiting a country of high medical expenses.

If you get sick during a trip, this may result in staying extra time there. Always consider this before taking one though they may be a bit pricy will cover more time.

If you are going just for vacation purpose or that type, a normal policy would suffice. But if you have plans of adventure sports, duly inform this to the insurance company as there may be special packages for such.

*If any medical emergency arises, policy should bear the expense of visiting a nearest hospital. If needed, it should also pay any transfer home on health grounds. This policy should also cover any disability or death during travel.

*Loss of passport: If luggage or passport is lost during travel, the policy should bear the expenses of retaining them.

*In some unforeseen cases, the travel may get delayed or get postponed and the policy taken should cover hotel and other expenses in such cases.

*Some insurance companies provide home insurance along with travel insurance. This insurance policy covers in case of theft in your house during your trip.