Saturday, July 24, 2021

Google to release to smart phones

Good news to smartphone users. Google has released 2 new smart phones into the market. These named, Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P were released Tuesday night Indian standard time. In a statement, it said these phones was manufactured in collaboration with LG and Huawei.

Though the sales of these will commence immediately in US, other countries have to wait another week. It has not particularly announced the date of availability of these phones in India. The price of Nexus 5X is $379 (approx. 25k) while the Nexus 6P costs $499 (approx. 33k).

Satya Nadella sanitizes hands after handshake with Modi.

RGV meddles PK fans again.

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma created a rage again, on Twitter. He ridiculed PK Twitter numbers, having just 6 lakhs while Mahesh has 14 lakhs. He opined that even though PK was late in opening Twitter account, he should be flown with followers but nothing of that sort happened. Even Samantha has 10 lakh followers, he said.

He said it makes him is sad to see Pawan having fewer followers than Mahesh. He advised Pawan’s fans to educate each other in this aspect.

IT officials ride Samantha and Nayantara houses.

All of a sudden, Income tax officials on Wednesday targeted film stars. These rides took place in the houses of Samantha, Nayanatara, and also Tamil super star Vijay. It is reported that starting at 6 in the morning, these rides took place in Chennai and Hyderabad simultaneously. Also, search took place in Kochi, Tiruvuranthapuram, and Chennai homes of Nayanatara.

Tamil start Vijay along with his relatives are being targeted. It is reported that about 32 film personnel across India faced IT rides today and other details are awaited.

Nani shocks big heroes.

Nani gave a rude shock to the so-called big heroes with his latest sensation Bhale Magadivoi. Arriving without any expectations, this movie is still going strong with unprecedented collections to the envy of many big heroes. This movie has amassed almost 45 crores in just 25 days and is running towards 50-crore mark. This movie will stand as one of the biggest hits of this year and Nani entered big league with it. It is reported that it is still running housefull in some theaters, across 2 states.

“Telangana faced huge discrimination under Andhra rulers for 58 years.”

Telangana CM KCR stated that they have been in power for just 15 months and it is not possible to solve all the problems overnight. He said that all the problems the state facing now are the result of discrimination meted to it by the Andhra rulers for 58 years. Responding to the discussion about farmer suicides, he stated that these are happening all over India and even neighboring states are not spared.

CM KCR further said that AP cheated on power to Telangana and several projects have been pending due to meager allotment of water and funds to this area by previous governments. The CM said there are 364 seed companies on Telangana soil and that farmers should not take the extreme step and assured that they will lend support to each, and every farmer. He promised to give full-day power to cultivation from next March.

Crucial scenes of “soggade chinni nayana” reshot.

Nagarjuna starrer “soggade chinni nayana” shooting is nearing completion. But, sources say that heeding to the advice of writer Sai Madhav Burra, some crucial scenes are being reshot. Screenplay for this film is provided by Ram Mohan. But to provide experience, director and producer roped in writer Sai Madhav Burra, and he suggested some changes based on the script.

Therefore, the unit pondered over this and decided to reshoot some important scenes. This was planned for December release initially but sources say that is almost impossible now. Playing dual roles as grandfather and grandson, Nagarjuna has Ramya Krishnan and Lavanya Tripathi cast beside him. This is being directed by newcomer Kalyan Krishna and Nag is playing a ghost in one of the characters.

Petrol bunks to shut down all over India.

Petrol bunks all over India are going on strike protesting against increase in VAT. President of AP Petrol Bunk Association, R. Gopalakrishna said this in a statement. He said all petrol bunks will remain closed from October 1, 2015. He said they are taking part in this taking the call from All India Motor Transport Congress.

Gopalakrishna further said, this strike will carry on till state governments solve their issue. He said governments have not accepted their requests so far, and that they are left with no choice but to go on strike.

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