Home News Harley Davidson recalls 57000 bikes for oil leak

Harley Davidson recalls 57000 bikes for oil leak


In a big move, motorcycle giant Harley Davidson has recalled about 60k bikes worldwide due to defects in engine that might result in accidents. Its main office in Wisconsin made this statement on Friday.

The defect is traced as improper fixing of clamps on cooler lines that might cause oil leak and can cause loss of control of rear wheel and about 9 accidents took place due to this and a biker got injured, it said. Though there were no official complaint, it said that the service centers will have the issue repaired and this will be done free of cost.

Thought they would kill us, but not rape

“I thought they would kill us at that time but never thought they would resort to such heinous rapes. They would sell innocent women as sex slaves and will torture them.”

Murad who was kidnapped from her village reached the same place she was taken away from along with some other Yazdi women. She burst out in tears and shared many experiences of her with the media. Working as a lawyer who works for Yazdi women rights remembered the horrific incident 3 years back. “in 2014, ISIS terrorists attacked our village. They immediately separated men and women. We thought they would kill us but did not do that. all men were shot dead in front of us. They took all of us to Mosul and sold there. Later Syrians, Iraqis, Tunisians and Europeans sexually assaulted us.

About 3000 Yazdi women were turned into sex slaves. Fortunately, I could escape in November of the same year”

Murad was awarded the Sakharov for her bravery given for European parliamentarians. She said that a 19 -year-old lost her eye in a bid to escape and she was given that fate for denying to become sex slave. Murad says there are many families with similar stories.

Calf with human face

A calf born with human face is being flooded by people to have glimpse in a village. Apparently, cow is worshiped as god by Hindu. This incident took place in Muzaffarnagar in UP.

The news spread live wild fire and people started flocking to have a glimpse. However, the calf with human face couldn’t live more than an hour. The calf after it died is covered with a saffron sheet and was worshiped as a symbol of god. One of the several visitors when questioned said that it is none other than Vishnu and that he came to look his god. The owner of the cow that gave birth to this calf Raja Misra said that it is a clear indication that god’s mercy is on them.

Locals say that the cremation of the calf will take place in 3 days and a temple will be built. However, experts squash this just as a blind belief.