Health insurance for women


Generally, women don’t favor separate health policies for them, and they think that coverage in the family health policy or group policy from the employer may be enough. There are some health problems exclusive to women. Breast cancer, arthritis, ovarian Polycystis are some of them. They face several health problems during pregnancy and after delivery. Insurance companies have understood the needs of women and have designed some health policies specially for them. So, it is for them to take the policy among these that suits them the best. During pregnancy…· Insurance will stay in aid during the most important phase of a woman’s life, pregnancy. There is a provision of up to 50% percent of health issues of the infants. 

Insurance companies will bear up to 25 thousand for education in case the policy holder becomes unable to work from ill health. Critical illnesses…· Women between ages 21 and 60 can take these policies. Critical diseases like breast cancer, uterine cancer, paralysis, joint problems, hypertension, diabetes is covered. These policies help in saving money during such illnesses. Insurance is not applicable if a critical illness is diagnosed within 90 days of taking a policy. Eligible for insurance if the policy holder lives beyond 30 days after diagnosing a critical illness. After retirement…. Some companies provide income after retirement. While some policies can be renewed for the lifetime, some have age limit. Aspects covered in this policy· Daily hospital expenses. ICU expenses. Cosmetic surgeries and injuries from accident. Insurance company will bear the expenses after discharge till a normal condition is achieved. Expenses for post discharge medicines as well as nursing changes. Similar to general health policies, these are also covered under section 80D of income tax for exemption.