Health insurance riders that give additional assurance


General health insurance provides insurance to a limited extent. Many serious illnesses and accidents are exempted from most of the policies. If you are not aware of this, you may be caught wrong footed. So, to avoid these situations, it is always better to add some riders though the premium may be high.

Severe illnesses like heart diseases, cancer, joint replacement surgery are provided by many insurance companies as riders with additional premium. Some companies have riders exclusive for women for pregnancy related issues.

Riders available for health policies

Cash payable riders:

These riders pay hospital expenses day by day to the threshold limit.

Patient protection:

Some riders pay daily expenses some days after strength.

Maternity rider:

General health insurance does not provide coverage for pregnancy. Maternity rider is nothing but a cover for pregnancy. These pay even the expenses incurred if the baby born with congenital diseases. However, these too have waiting period up to 24 months like general health policies.

Accident insurance rider:

This rider covers a sudden accident or need of hospitalization with unexpected heart issue.

Critical illness benefit rider:

In case of critical illness, this rider covers treatment expenses, expenses incurred during recovery phase at home, and regular payment to nominee in case of permanent disability.

Limitations of rider/rules and regulations:

· A rider is intended to provide additional coverage over a general health policy. The benefits of this can be availed only as long as a regular health policy is in place and renewal of the primary policy on time is a must.

· While some riders can be renewed for the life time, some riders can be done so only for a limited period.

· It is better for elders to take the highest coverage policies possible. However, these will have limitations and copays, etc.

· Some riders have waiting period and cooling period similar to general policies. So, choose the best rider keeping all this in mind.