Health policies exclusively for senior citizens


There are some health policies exclusively for senior citizens. Let us go over things to look out for before buying these. If sufficient amount is not insured, it will be cumbersome to recover from expenses incurred from health emergency. Especially, elderly need more health assurance and the expenses are also high. So, there are some policies to cater to these needs.

What to look for?

There are some value added services along policies for senior citizens. Home care, wellness related services are some of those. It is a tough task to buy a policy exclusively for senior citizens. Let us go over the things to take care before doing that.

Some policies though are not exclusively for senior citizens are made friendly for them with changes in coverage, price and policy issuance.

The policies intended for senior citizens have several limitations and sublimitations in amounts payable in case of certain illnesses.

Pre-existing diseases:

· In general most policies don’t cover pre-existing diseases till 4 years. However, some companies have lowered this to suit senior citizens.

· Conditions like diabetes and hypertension have a waiting period of at least 4 years and some companies may altogether reject health insurance for such people. But some companies are providing coverage to these diseases for senior citizens.

· Cataract, fracture, joint surgery, etc have some limitations with respect to compensation.


· We know that premium increases with age. But we cannot compare the premiums of those intended for seniors citizens with the general ones.

· In general health insurance policies, premium is higher for senior citizens but the policies exclusive for senior citizens have lower premiums.

· The premium is kept lower in order to encourage buying.

· The decrease in premium is compensated by the insurance company with copay and sublimitations.

· There is mandatory copay for policy holders above 60 years of age. If the policy holder has preexisting health problems, it is common to have copay.

Copay means:

· The policy holder has to bear some part of the expenses after claim and the ratio is stated in the policy.

· If the copay is 10%, the policy holder has to bear 10% of the hospital expenses with the remaining paid by the insurance company.

Serious illnesses:

Though the policies for senior citizens cover diseases like joint pains, lung diseases, heart related treatments, there are many aspects to look out for before buying one, which are

· Waiting period.

· Ease of buying.

· Preauthorization for medical screening.

· Coverage for outpatient services.

Limitations on room rent:

· Check if there are limitations on room rent mentioned.

· Generally, policies costing about 5 lakhs do not have such limitations.

Don’t wait till retirement:

If your company covers you under it’s group health insurance policy, no need to wait till retirement. If bought earlier, any waiting period gets done by the time you retire and you have a comprehensive health policy.

Insurance companies show interest in giving these policies to the senior citizens with health problems. The exclusive health policies are cheaper compared to the general ones for senior citizens.

Those without any health insurance policy can take a look at the exclusive senior citizen health insurance policies but always know the policy completely before buying one