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Health policy with care…


Rising medical bills make a health insurance mandatory for all. If you neglect it now, you may not be able to take it in the future when needed. So, it is always better to take a decision as soon as possible.

Early and wisely: When you face with a question about health insurance, the first doubt you may get is if it is actually needed. But premium will be less if a healthy policy is taken at a young age and with increasing age, health policy may not cover all the diseases.

To stay peaceful: A health policy makes you not worry of hospital expenses or other medical bills leading to a peaceful life and may result in recovering quickly. A good health policy will save your hard-earned money during illness.

After knowing everything: The compensation differs with policy taken regarding hospital bills, one time payment for serious illness, compensation for permanent disability and hospitalization and compensation for death from an accident, so all this should be known thoroughly.

How much is enough: You should always be clear on how much is enough for you and your family. Age/sex, individual/family, existing policies, diseases, family health history will define the policy amount. The inventions in medicine have resulted in modern treatment resulting in rise in expenditure for availing those. So, it is important to not only choose the right policy but also the right amount.

Should have belief: Insurance works on the principle of belief. So, it is always important to disclose all truths about health before taking a policy. The insurance adviser also should not hide any regulations to the customer. Only then a claim can be made smoothly.

Is it better to have lesser premium?: It is always not correct to assume that high or less premium doesn’t make a policy good. Premium depends on copay, limit in hospital room rent, some payment while obtaining treatment in hospitals that the company is not associated with, etc. Always examine any such clauses and make sure the policy you are taking is the best suited for you.

With appropriate knowledge: Cashless treatment will be available across hospitals where the insurance company has association with. One thing to know is the time taken for reimbursement if the policy holder pays to the hospital some times. you should have full knowledge of the coverage of hospitals and the procedure to be followed for the claim.

Long-term benefits: Insurance companies provide some benefits for those who doesn’t claim for a year. Bonus, free medical tests are some of these. Long term association will provide coverage for any diseases. So, it is better to have a long-term policy.

Be up-to-date: Changes happen frequently in insurance sector and you should be abreast with those. There is provision for life-long extension of health policy with some conditions and there are provisions to know the latest developments in the sector very easily. There are separate sections for elders, so it is always useful to learn the latest developments in the insurance sector.