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How to prepare universal Ayurvedic medicine?



Pepper 250 gms

Ajowan (vaamu) 100 gms.

Cumin seeds 50 gms.

Preparation: The above three ingredients should be slightly fried separately. These should be powdered and stored in airtight bottle.

How to use:

Drink the mixture of the above powder with 1 spoon in 1 glass of warm water after dinner. Warm water is a must. No food should be eaten after this. All people across ages and gender can use this. Daily use of this brings out toxic wastes in the body through urine, stool and sweat. You can observe clear benefits after 80 to 90 days of usage. You will see excess fat burnt. Blood gets purified. With good blood in the body, wrinkles disappear and the body becomes strong and bright.

Other uses of this:

1. Relieves joints and knee pains.

2. Bone become stronger.

3. Improves eyesight.

4. Enhances hair growth.

5. Permanent cure for constipation.

6. Improves blood circulation.

7. Fights chronic cough.

8. Improves heart function.

9. Makes the body active.

10. Improves memory.

11. Increases hearing ability.

12. It clears the side effects of allopathic medicines taken previously.

13. Purifies blood.

14. All blood vessels get cleaned.

15. Makes gums stronger.

16. Controls diabetes.

17. You can see its benefits after 2 to 3 months.