Insurance complaints must be in written format


IRDA released a notification about policy holder protection in 2017 and revealed an interesting fact about this. This notification gave a clear definition of insurance complaint. A complaint should only be in a written form, it can be either electronic or online. Earlier, a complaint via phone call was held valid but with changing times, with only written complaint being valid, there may be transparency in this regard. If you find any fault with insurance service, you can give a written complaint on insurance company, agent or broker. Let us know how to complain to either insurance company or directly to IRDA. The insurance company… You can seek help of either agent or bank and complain directly at insurance company.

There is a condition that every insurance company should have provision for complaints in their website. As a part of this, the procedure to complain, information needed for this, the officer of complaint reception, and office address should be kept in website. This makes complaining easier. Some companies elaborate this under Customer Support tab. Insurance policy document also have the details like email ID, address, and phone number of receiver of complaints. You can know these details by clicking the policyholder link. Remember that after calling the call center about the complaint, you have to send a detailed complaint either through post or e-mail.

There is a rule that the insurance company should acknowledge the complaint within Three days. IGMS portal There is a provision to complain directly to IRDA through integrated grievance management system (IGMS). This acts as the centralized regulatory of the complaints from customers. All life and non-life insurance companies come under its umbrella. This portal is designed by IRDA to complain after registration. All departments of insurance companies are linked to this portal, therefore any complaint made here will be acted upon by the concerned insurance company.

Complaint can be mad directly by going to or by calling toll free number 155255 or 1800-4254-732 but calls should be followed by a mail or letter form of complaint. Mail can be sent to Insurance companies have to solve the complaints within 15 days. If they fail to solve the complaint amicably, they have to suggest going to insurance ombudsman. Note: If the complainant fails to respond within Eight weeks of solution given by the insurance company, the company considers the complaint closed.