Insurance cushion during vacation


Summer has arrived and this is the period where plans are made about for going out on vacation.  Precaution should be exercised for trips inside or outside India.  Care should be taken to avoid any uneasiness physically or mentally or financially during this jolly trip.  For this, travel insurance is the first to ponder while going on a trip.

While visiting an unknown place, many factors have to be explored.  Weather condition, unforeseen incidents, arrangements for any health issues, etc should be know beforehand.  While everything is fine, the trip may get canceled at the last minute and you have already spent a lot of money on the trip.  Travel insurance compensates different instances of such. 

Floods and earthquake..

We cannot predict nature.  There may be a sudden rain or an unexpected tremor, which may cancel the trip or may take days to weeks to return from the trip.  Travel insurance gives a helping hand in such instances with compensation.  This policy also compensates the money lost due to ticket cancelation.  If your travel gets postponed, you can even claim the hotel bills but don’t forget this all depends on the amount of your policy.

New place…health issues…

There is every chance that a visit to a new place may cause ill health, which results in extra expenditure.  A comprehensive travel insurance policy pays for the treatment of such sickness apart from suggesting the best medical facility.  This works best for domestic or foreign tours.

Did you miss the flight?

The hardships faced with missing a train or a flight due to being late in arriving at the railway station or airport cannot be expressed in words.  This policy pays all such instances like another train or flight ticket, expenses of the hotel for the waiting period, food and other staying expenses.  However, this is considered only in unavoidable circumstances.  This claim doesn’t accept reasons like getting up late from sleep, shopping or movie, etc.

During emergency situations….

There is every chance that you may face an emergency situation while within the country or outside and you may have to end the trip abruptly and come back.  insurance policies pay all your expenses till you reach a safe haven.  In case there is a terrorist attack while you are in a foreign country, it may not be possible for you to come back immediately.  In such cases, travel insurance saves us for the expenses incurred for accommodation.

Some air travel companies have travel insurance integrated with tickets collecting a nominal premium.  You can always go with a general insurance company for a comprehensive policy.  Most companies are offering such policies through their websites and apps within minutes.

Travel insurance should also be a part of the tour along with hotel and ticket costs.  Only then the trip can be filled with true joy without hassles.