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Insurance for vacation


Summer holidays…the time when most thing about vacations…Road, rail or by air is planned very early. Those who plan just before go by road mostly..For those, precaution is a must…some places can be visited only during holidays. Whichever way you choose to travel, travel insurance is a must. Don’t forget to make it part of the package the moment you zeroed in on your destination. This may not be necessary when traveling as a group by bus, train, flight or a big ship as the travel fare is inclusive of insurance mostly. So, proper care should be taken when you travel individually.

Traveling by own vehicle?

Most people prefer own vehicle for near places for 1 or 2 days. some employ a driver while some drive on their own. Always check your vehicle thoroughly before such travel. If there is an impending service before 1000 km, have it done. Remember that this is always better. discuss with works manager there about your travel destination and confirm that your vehicle is fit for the journey.

*The most important thing to note is whether your insurance for the vehicle is in force or not. Your insurance policy should be there till you return. For example, you are leaving on April 30th and returning on May 3rd and your policy ends on May 2nd, don’t leave renewal to your return but do it before leaving for the trip to avoid any issues.

*Carry original registration of your vehicle, insurance papers, pollution papers, driving license always. If you have another driver among yourself, carry their license also. Don’t forget to save the xerox copies of all of these at home.

For rented cars…

When we travel to other places by train or flight, we tend to employ rented cars there or sometimes take a rented car from here itself. Most don’t care about the vehicle they rented before going for a trip. If you leave everything for the owner of the vehicle, you may the one that will suffer. So, always check the documents of insurance, registration, pollution etc of the vehicle you are renting. Especially, some use personal vehicles to rent, be careful with such vehicles. Insurance companies have a clause where a personal vehicle is not liable for insurance if used commercially. So, be careful with this.

*Before renting a vehicle, always check if the vehicle has permit for commercial purpose. Check if there is permit for the place you are visiting and for the period you are travelling.

*In general, for vehicles with commercial permit, insurance for travellers is provided based on some regulations. If the travelling people limit is exceeded, then it is going to be a problem.

*the driver should have a proper driving license and should compulsorily have a badge number. There are some with car license only that drive busses, don’t allow such people for your trip if they are driving a minibus or a bus.

Travel health policy….

Sometimes travel may be faced with unforeseen incidences like loss of luggage, illness, heat, rain or other weather changes, so take health policy for any such issues to save the blushes. A travel insurance doesn’t cost much that can be taken from general insurance companies.

*Travel insurance is must even if you have health policy. If the renewal date falls within your trip period, renew it beforehand.

Secure your house..

Don’t forget to insure your valuables in your home before leaving for the trip. This compensates for any theft or any damage caused by short circuit. Insurance companies generally provide policy on a yearly basis for these. Some companies are providing coverage just for the period of a vacation, which have a lesser premium.