Insurance with RuPay card


National Payment Cards of India developed RuPay as a domestic card. The government is giving several benefits for using this card like cashback offers for daily payments, purchase of food items as well as IRC TC bookings. Additional to this, there is accidental coverage for these cards holders. Here are the details and eligibility criteria of this insurance. Eligibility:· All those who get the RuPay card for the first time is eligible. Only one card is eligible for insurance even though you may have several RuPay cards. Age should be between 18 and 70. Insurance is paid in case of permanent and temporary disability. Some types of partial disabilities are paid 2000. 

The card should have been used at least once in the period of 90 days before the accident. Documents needed for claim… In case of death from accident, completed claim form, original death certificate, FIR copy, autopsy, card holder’s photo and KSC documents. In case of permanent disability, completed claim form, discharge card, certificate of disability, FIR copy, photo and KSC documents. Insured amount…1 lakhs for classic card holders and Two lakhs for premium card holders. Claim procedure:· Banks with account should be informed about the accident as soon as possible. The company should be informed within 90 days to get the claim. The claim documents should be submitted within 60 days of informing the company.