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Iran gives stern warning to Pakistan


Iran gives stern warning to Pakistan

Iran in a serious warning to Pakistan said that it will attack Pakistan if the titillating acts in the border don’t stop. It questioned why Pakistan is not able to control such acts along the border. If Pak doesn’t take action against militants, Iran said that it has no choice but to bomb military shelters in Pakistan. In the past, militants of the Sunni sect attacked along the border to Iran and killed Iranian soldiers. In a serious reaction to this, Iran asked Pak to arrest the culprits and will get into action if Pakistan doesn’t do so.

“we don’t want to see such a situation. We believe Pakistan will take action against militants and close down their bases. If the attacks continue, we will react in a huge way and will demolish their camps,” Mohamad Buchari, Irani Major General said today.

Forcibly married at gunpoint

The case in which a Pakistani national Tahir Ali complained that his wife was kidnapped by Indian embassy has taken a new twist. His wife Azma (20) said that she was forcibly married at gunpoint. She filed a case to such effect in Islamabad high court and even gave testimony in this regard. She even said that Ali took her immigration documents.

Requesting her to be taken her home country, she alleged that Ali kept under wraps that he has 4 children already. On the other hand, Pakistan stated that Uzma came to their country on just a visiting visa. Indian foreign department is saying that it is in talks with Uzma and her parents in India.

Uzma and Ali met in Malaysia and instantly liked each other. Uzma came to Pakistan through Vaghah border on May 1st and married on May 3rd.

Three convicted in Pune techie murder

Court convicted 3 men in gang rape and murder of a techie in Pune in 2009. Nayana Pujari was raped and murdered by Yogesh Raut, Mahesh Thakur, and Vishwas Kadam. Another alleged turned approver. Therefore, court will decide the sentence on Tuesday. Charges of kidnap, rape and murder were proved though kidnap with an intention of murder and other charges were not proved.

Nayana was apparently kidnapped on October 7, 2009 while waiting on the road returning from office. Her body was found 2 days later and prosecution accused the culprits of kidnapping and raping her in car. The accused took money from her ATM card and later strangulated her to death. Rajesh Chowdhary the other accused turned approver later. Prosecution is requesting death penalty and consider it as a rare case.