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Jambul fruit 100 times healthier than apple


The black, glittering Jambul is a host many medicinal values. Available from late summer to early spring, consumption of this fruit is must for everyone. A bit sweet and a bit soft, these fruits are a great friends to health, say doctors.

Here are the benefits it has:

1. This fruit is a host of many nutrients, very good for diabetes.

2. Controls blood sugar level.

3. The abundant potassium keeps heart problems in check.

4. This is a great medicine for skin.

5. Keeps away chronic diseases like asthma if taken regularly.

6. Increases hemoglobin level in the body.

7. Lowers heat in the body and gives instant energy.

8. Kills germs in the stomach and increases appetite.

9. Makes the bones strong due the abundant presence of calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin C.

10. Play an important role in preventing some forms of cancers.

Start taking these 5 substances to lose weight

Obesity is the problem most people faced with nowadays. Many feel it a herculean task to lose weight but experts it is not a rocket science to lose weight once we follow a proper schedule and stay strict with the diet. To lose weight, the digestive should be perfect. We are giving you the 5 best substances to lose weight:

1. Almonds: This gives important ingredients like fat, fiber, important vitamin E as well as calcium. But since it has fat and high calories, limited quantities is advised.

2. Cereals: Cereals play a very important role in lowering fat content in the body. Ragi, Sajja, Jonna should be incorporated into the diet.

3. Grapes: Grapes have fiber, keeps the glucose levels in the blood in control as well as improve digestion. This helps in burning extra fat in the body.

4. Cinnamon and pepper: These two are very good at burning fat in the body. They aid in enhancing biologic cycle by improving digestion.

5. Coconut oil: This is a powerful tool in lowering weight. This enhances biologic cycle and doubles the consumption of energy. Therefore, those who want to lose weight should add coconut oil in their diet.

So, why mulling over, start eating these 5 substance to lose weight.