Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Live snake courier

We usually eagerly wait to open when we get a courier at our doorstep. But here is a shocker. A man received a live snake in courier. Shocking, right!.

Keith who hails from Bangalore got shock of his life when he received a snake in courier. He was even more shocked when he found who sent this. The box in which the snake was delivered even had holes drilled for aeration to the reptile. He later found out that husband of his colleague sent him as a warning to stay from his wife and even kept a letter inside the box with warning. Keith later filed a criminal case with the police.

Telengana registration series out.

It is known that TS government has asked all vehicles in Telangana with AP registration to convert to TS and gave 4 months’ time for that. Though vehicles of Adilabad and Hyderabad just can replace AP with TS, other district have to change a bit more.

Akhil movie postponed, tweets Nithin.

Akhil’s debut movie under the direction of VV Vinayak is postponed and is out of the Dassara race. The confirming about this on Twitter Nithin stated that Akhil should have been released on October 22nd but due to some unavoidable delay in a technical, and graphics, it has to be postponed. He said that a new date will be announced soon.

CM calls Pawan Kalyan.

Invitations to capital inauguration has gathered momentum. Ministers have left for various places to hand over invitations. Former governor Rosiah received the invitation today. Regarding this, CM Chandra Babu Naidu has personally called Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan to invite to the inauguration. Ministers Ayyanna Patrudu, Kaminineni Srinivas and TDP leader TD Janardhan will personally visit power start and hand over the invitation.

Private bus catches fire, 12 killed in AP.

Looks like there is no stoppage of private bus accidents in telugu states. In another tragic accident early in the morning, a private bus collided with a DCM van in Charlopalli of Prakasam district. In this accident, 12 people traveling in DCM were killed on the spot, and 10 others seriously wounded. They are reportedly on travels to a marriage. The dead consisted primarily of women and children. The bus is reportedly passenger-free at the time of accident. Though both the vehicles overturned in the accident, the bus reportedly caught fire afterward. Local people responded swiftly and took the injured to hospital. Death may further rise, it seems.

Bhramaravati, not Amaravati

YCP leader Parthasaradhi blasted the government for show. False numbers regarding expenditure on capital inauguration. He said that the government is misdirecting the people regarding this. He also said that not able to withstand Jagan’s logical letter, they have even formed a group of ministers to criticize him unnecessarily without replying properly. Parthasaradhi said that they are not against capital but are against the nonsensical spending of taxpayer’s money. YCP Parthasaradhi further opined that the hungama depicts Bhramaravati (myth) not Amaravati.

Parthasaradhi further went on to say that government is spending crores of rupees on temporary setups like Pattiseema (1600 crores), temporary assembly (12 crores), etc. YCP leader Parthasaradhi questioned if the government is also temporary and stated people can understand the corruption that took place in these works

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