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Look at this girl

Have you seen the pic and if you think she is a hottie, your are wrong. She is not a girl but grandmother of 2 granddaughters. Jaklina, is a model and has been so for the last 20 years. It is hard to believe that she has granddaughters and is 48 years old.

Though she is nearing her 50s, she still gives the young models run for their money by following latest trends and fashions. One can understand her craze as she has 3 lakh followers on instagram and is fondly called real fashionist. She says that staying away from alcohol, hygienic food habits and staying inside in summer are some of the secrets of her beauty.

Boyfriend killed her

Court stated that atrocities are the reason behind the death of Indian origin woman Meera Dalal in London last February. Court opined that she committed suicide unable to tolerate the abuse from her boyfriend.

She ended her life last year unable to bear it any more after being in love since 2013. From Leicestershire in Englad, her parents approached independent police commission who with no onlookers available of the incident took help of doctor’s report and submitted their report to the court.

Meera’s parents thanked the police and court for giving justice to their daughter. They are at present doing service, especially to the women who are victims of domestic violence.

Beat Villain in Hollywood

Generally our directors tend to inspire from films from other language movies, mostly Hollywood. But, there is a reversal of that now with a Hollywood film is being made based on an Indian one. The film The Hero is very similar to the Kamal Hassan starrer Uttama Villain.

This film released in Telugu and Tamil 2 years ago and directed by Ramesh Aravind. The film received rave reviews, especially for its taking. The Hero was shown in Sun Dance festival in January of this year and many people here believe that it has shades of Uttam Villain. The film is releasing on June 9th.