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New way to relieve body aches


Doctors have many modes of treatment for body pains. Exercise, medicines and naturopathy are some of the treatments that people suffering with these go for. Some times, these won’t work and might even aggravate the pains instead and leave the attempts aside. Researchers are suggesting trying electric bath to relieve body aches. This is similar to sun bath, steam bath, etc.

In medical terminology, this is called electrotherapy. This procedure was first done for this purpose in 1767 in a hospital in London. America started using this in 1940. They used it to cure the soldiers injured in war and to strengthen their muscles. A cancer journal published in 1985 that this can be an effective way to cure some cancers.

During this therapy, the electrodes formed excite the nerves in the area of injury. The signal reaches the brain and provide a sensation of relief. These aide in the release of indigenous pain relievers in the body called endorphins, according to another study. This electric bath is now used widely in Japan.

How to keep your kids healthy

The first two years of life of a baby is the most critical part with respect to health. The right blend of balanced diet keeps their growth in good stead. This also helps in keeping away issues like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, vascular diseases, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases.

Mother’s milk is a must for the kid till 2 years of age. Extension even after that is even better. First 6 months, mothers milk is very crucial. Do not lower the quantity showing indigestion as cause. Frequency should be every one hour. If any doubts regarding indigestion, doctor should be consulted. Doctor is the best person decide what is wrong other than we ourselves coming to a conclusion. After six months, mom’s milk should be supplemented with other foods suggested by doctor. keep them away from sugar and salt foods. It is better to consult nutritionist to know the foods that can be used for babies between 6 months and 1 year. After 1 year, a baby can eat along with other family members.