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One glass of red wine a day is equal to 1 hour of exercise


In today’s busy life, though most want to have time to exercise, many couldn’t due to time restraints. But a latest research says that 1 glass of red wine a day is equal to 1 hour of exercise. A group of researchers from Canada conducted experiments on red wine and they found out some interesting facts. There is a chemical called reservetrol that is produced with 1 hour of exercise. This is very useful in keeping muscles strong and heart healthy.

Now, they discovered that this chemical is also present in red wine. Therefore, with a glass of it will also supply the body the same chemical. They made it clear that a glass of this is equal to an hour of exercise. There are other benefits also from red wine:

1. Removes wrinkles on skin with age and makes the skin look younger.

2. Relieves joint pains.

3. Keeps the body fit and enhances endurance.

4. Minimizes the risk of heart diseases, improves blood circulation.

5. Improves the cellularity of muscles thereby making them strong and firm.

Apart from above, they also state that those who are bedbound, obese, patients and people suffering from chronic diseases can also drink this and get the benefits of exercising for 1 hour. However, they claim that people who are doing exercise and go to the gym should stick to their routine.