Home News Reliance slumps after competition from rivals

Reliance slumps after competition from rivals


Reliance slumps after competition from rivals

Reliance with its digital revolution created ripples with Jio as well as with its handset Lyf, which was one of the top 5 handsets in India for some time. After starting on a high, the device now is laid low and is losing its market space not able to withstand competition from Chinese rivals. Analysts say that the share fell from 7 to 3 percent.

International data suggest that the transport of this phone is also down. The phone got unprecedented craze as it got bundled with Jio SIM offer with VOLTE ability.

However, the company represented denied to comment on the fall of sales

Yarsagumba, the Himalayan Viagra

One kg of Yarsagumba costs more than 60 lakh rupees. With less source of income in the rural areas of Nepal, majority of the families depend upon this for their livelihood. Being very valuable herbs, people tend to even lay their lives to grab these herbs.

People run towards the grassy lands once the Himalayan snow starts to melt in summer and all people hunt for the golden herb, called Yarsagumba, also called Himalayan Viagra. This yellow colored herb grows in mud and has great medicinal qualities including potency.

Yarsagumba is nothing but a fungus that grows on the larva of a type of worm. In china, there exists an insect with 2 heads called Chang Jia Kavo also called summer grass or winter worm. While it looks like a worm in winter with the fungus growth looks like a plan in summer. A fully matured Yarsagumba resembles a matchstick and is the size of about 2 to 3 centimeters.

A girl stopped her cheat boyfriend at the nick of time when she managed to stop the marriage. This incident took place in Vikravandin in Villuparam district. The incident became talk of the town locally as the girl threatened to kill herself and her relatives staged dharna in front of the man’s house.

Gopalakrishna (25) is all set marry a woman from Senji area in Vikrandi Marriage hall when all of a sudden Archana (21) from Chennai landed and halted the marriage. She alleged that she is working in a private company in Chennai and that she and Gopalakrishnan have been in love and even wept that she is pregnant. The bride left the scene in disgust and police arrived the spot after. The issue got done after the bride agreed to marry Archana.