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Rice that burns fat, diabetes


Rice does not do any harm to those who do physical exercise everyday. But, those who stay sedentary will face problems. Not much energy is spent and the calories get deposited thereby gaining weight. Ultimately get heart disease and diabetes. This is a never ending list and the chief culprit is rice for all this.

We all love to eat rice that is white like milk and mostly favor that in the meal. This type of rice buys us ailments in exchange. But, when rice is cooked in a special way, it does not allow extra calories to get deposited. Fat also stays away. Not stopping there, even the existing fat in the body also burns. Let us find out this powerful tip.

Different people cook rice differently. Some cook it on electric cooker, some on gas stove draining the remaining water or letting the water to evaporate while cooking. But, whatever way you cook, you need to add a little bit of coconut oil to it. This coconut oil is different from the one used for hair, choose the edible type of coconut oil. This is mostly found in oil mills or some departmental stores.

The amount of coconut oil should be about 3% of the total quantity of rice. For example, if you are cooking 1 kg rice, about 30 grams of coconut oil should be added. The cooking procedure does n’t change after adding the oil. The cooked rice should be cooled down in a fridge for 12 hours. After 12 hours, the rice should be taken out from the fridge and eaten immediately after heating it. There are several benefits from this procedure

The rice cooked in the above procedure converts rice into a complex carbohydrate called resistant starch. This has been discovered by scientists very recently. This type of complex carbohydrate yields only half the calories of the regular rice. This rice also burns fat in the body. Even small type of quantities of this rice satiates appetite for lot of time there by helping in weight loss.

This rice also is very helpful for diabetics. Those who moved to chapattis from rice and those who cannot eat chapattis can use this rice happily. This keeps the sugar levels in blood controlled, increases insulin absorption. One can titrate down the medications slowly. This rice also helps in better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Also fights against constipation and keeps digestive system clean. Removes bad bacteria from the body while helping the growth of good one. Also enhances immune system.