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Mexican doctors performed surgery on the heaviest man in the world Juan Pedro Franco (32). He apparently lost 175 kgs in 3 months after following a strict diet in order to have his body in shape for surgery.

Dr. Jose Antonio said that the first part of the gastric bypass went successfully on Tuesday. He however said that though surgery is done, it remains to be seen how his body responds to this procedure.

Doctors say that in addition to medical care, they have to keep him mentally strong, otherwise things can turn adverse and hope that Pedro who was bedridden for the last 6 years can walk soon. He started fearing for his life after the heaviest man Manuel Uribe at 597 kgs died in 2007. Franco was weighing 595 kg then. He took a strong decision to bring his weight down and approached the doctors online.

Secret behind white hair and baldness found

Baldness and white hair is a common problem in youth nowadays. Now, scientists have found the culprit behind these two. They identified that while a protein named KROX20 facilitates growth of hair, the native cell SCF gives good color to it. The research was conducted by the scientists at Southwestern Medical Center.

Generally, these two factors are necessary to keep the hair healthy. Scientists conducted experiments on rats to confirm this and when the removed KROX20 protein from a rat, the hair growth in it stopped immediately. When the removed the native cell, the hair color turned white and concluded that these two are behind hair and its color.

Third world war inevitable

An anonymous hacker group posted a video online that a third world war is imminent and can happen any time. It also posted that this world war will not happen for months or years but will be short though the impact is more cruel and destructive.

They say that the incidences in North Korea will act as a prelude to the world war III and the governments of Japan and China giving civilian warnings is also an indication to this. they mentioned the fact that America tested 3 intercontinental missiles from South Korea.

China gave warnings to its people to come back from North Korea and that there will be less than 10 minute time if North Korea does a nuclear attack. Hackers say that the world will be divided into 3 groups and will attack each other. They however couldn’t clarify on who will lead the 3 factions.