Saturday, July 24, 2021

Tamil Directors running after Mahesh

Tollywood super star Mahesh is doing Brahmotsavam with Srikanth Addala obviously. Three damsels, Praneeta, Samantha, and Kajal are cast beside him. Now, many Tamil directors are very interested to do a movie with him. In the past, a few like Gowtham Menon and Vikram Kumar tried but that did not materialize for some reason or the other. Later, successful mass director Linguswamy also tried but to no avail. And finally, even Mani Ratnam could not convince Mahesh with a story. Now, the latest grapevine is that Murugados has narrated a single line to Mahesh, which Mahesh liked immensely and asked him to develop a full story to give his consent. As he is busy with Brahmotsavam now, it is reported that he will discuss further with Murugados after its completion.

Unlimited calls from America to India… publicity gets sleazy…!

Sweden telecom giant Rebtel gave an unprecedented offer of unlimited free calls from US to India. But the manner it chose to publicize it drew flak. In an attempt to attain maximum publicity, it chose 4 beautiful girls and painted them nude in a dance show they organized. Public felt offended by this strategy, but it justified its act by saying there is nothing wrong in using women’s beauty to garner publicity.

Samantha starts a new business…!

‘Manam’ fame Vikram Kumar is doing a film called, “24” in Tamil. Starring Suriya, this has Samantha and Nitya Menon as heroines. Rehman is providing music and Suriya himself are producing this.

Meanwhile, it is reported Samantha is presenting this movie in Telugu. So far, no Telugu heroine has produced a film and with this, Samantha dons a new role. Suriya’s good market in Telugu will obviously help the collections. Anushka Sharma has already produced some films in Bollywood. Now, a few heroines down south are also planning to tread this path of production.

Maruthi to get BMW as a Gift.

You many knows that Koratala Siva got a gift of Audi A6 from Mahesh after super hit, “Srimanthudu.” Now, following in the footsteps of Mahesh, Allu Aravind is mulling about giving a gift to director Maruthi for Bhale Magadivoi. Apparently, BBM turned out to be the biggest hit Maruthi’s career. Nani and Lavanya Tripathi starred in this film. Still running successfully, this film has erased the ‘Adult movie’ tag Maruthi previously had.

It is reported that Allu Aravind is going to gift Maruthi with a BMW. As Maruthi is now busy doing success tour in the USA, he might receive this once he gets back to India. Meanwhile, many big heroes are now showing interest to team up with Maruthi.

I owe everything to Tirumala Venkateswara swamy…

Young Hero Nikhil said that he starts with praying Lord Venkateswara before starting any new work. He said that Lord Venkateswara is a sentiment for him and his movies Swami Rara, Karthikeya and Asura tasted success only because of his blessings. He visited Tirumala along with family and talking to the media on this occasion, “since Lord has bestowed me with success, I came here to offer my hair.”

Nikhil further said that he would do a sequel to Kartikeya. He said that he also prayed Lord Venkateswara for the success of his upcoming movie Sankarabharanam. Kartikeya released for last deepavali and was a runaway hit, and now Sankarabharanm is releasing this Deepavali and hope it does the same, he said.

“New app that locates train we are waiting for”
Generally, we all tend to reach ahead of scheduling train departure, but it turns out that the train never
makes it on time. Sometimes, this wait goes on for 2 to 3 hours or even more resulting in frustration. But
now good news is that this frustration is going to end. A new app is being launched which shows the
pinpoint location of train so that we can reach the railway station accordingly. The location of the train
will be updated continuously and this is a welcome relief to all the commuters.
A new startup company made this GPS-based program which will be titled rail radar GPS. In a
statement the company said, one can locate the train on Google map using this app. “Most people want to
know the exact location of their train, and that prompted us to make this” it said.

Pattiseema should be stalled immediately, it is against the spirit of unity”
Telengana government demanded immediate stalling of Pattiseema project. It said Telengana
will face severe water crisis if this project comes into existence. After making several efforts at
stopping this, the T-government has once again written letters to Union Government, Krishna
and Godavari Tribunal and AP Government. In a litter written by its irrigation chief secretary,
Aditya Nath Das to AP Government, it has questioned the dire water crisis faced by Telangana if
Godavari water is drawn into Krishna.
Meanwhile, AP Government is getting ready to give a strong reply to this letter. They are
reportedly going to question whether Telengana will give AP share in lift irrigation projects built
by Telangana on Krishna and Godavari rivers.

Anushka “Size Zero” release date confirmed.
Anushka “Size Zero” released date has been confirmed for October 9. PVP Cinema that
is producing this film made a statement to this effect. The trailer of this movie has created
sensation by attracting 4 million views so far. Anushka’s struggle to turn from obese to slim in
the trailers has attracted huge attention and raised expectations. PVP has promised a wholesome
entertainer coming up this Dassara with this film.
Sonal Chauhan, Prakash Raj, Urvasi and others play other key roles. Directed by Prakash
Kovelamudi (sone of legendary director K. Raghavendra Rao), PVP is producing the film. MM,
Keeravani composes music while Niran Shah handles camera. Interestingly, Prakash’s wife
Kanika Thillon is providing a screenplay.

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