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Three cups of coffee a day keeps forgetfulness at bay


While some say that tea and coffee are not good for health, there is another argument that they have several benefits. There are different views in this regard. But latest research brings a sweet news to all coffee lovers. The research says that drinking 3 cups of hot coffee every day can keep the forgetfulness during old age at bay. It also says that one can keep a check on senile diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is revealed in a research conducted by Wisconsin University.

For the study, the group chose 6467 menopause women. They observed their food habits along with the number of cups of coffee they consume. This study that lasted 10 years proved that coffee enhances memory. They found out that people taking 3 cups of coffee (approximately 266 mg of caffeine) a day have substantially less forgetfulness when compared with others. It also proved that these have 30% more memory than others. So, why stopping coffee, having it hot and happily.

Health benefits of Aloe vera juice

Most of us know aloe vera. It is used mainly for the purpose to keep away bad omen and hung in front of the house. But this has health benefits as well and can cure many diseases. It can be used for both beauty and health.

There are several medicinal values in aloe vera. It has 99.3 percent water along with vitamins A and B, enzymes, minerals, anthraquinone, carbocyclic acid, 22 aminoacids. The enzymes in these provide significant pain relief. Aloe vera juice if taken regularly acts against several toxic substances produced as part of the biologic process in the body. Enhances digestion. Prevents heart, kidney and hepatitis problems.

This is a very useful medicine for jaundice. While enhancing potency, this rejuvenates immunity, prevents constipation, and relieves effects of ulcer. In regards to medicine, magnesium lactate present in this prevents diseases and provides relief from the discomfort when bitten by insects. This is a superb medicine for cancer. Also fights against joint pains.

For skin:

Aloe vera gel can be used to keep the skin glowing and protect from sunlight. This is also a very good cooling agent. At present, there is huge demand for aloe vera in cosmetic field. This is very useful as face moisturizer as well as for hair care. Can prevent baldness. Also removes pimples, skin folds, dark circles under the eyes, stretch marks after pregnancy, and also skin diseases like psoriasis and others.