Travel insurance comes in handy


Travel insurance comes in handy during emergency health expenses during travel to us and our family members, in case of flight cancellation, or other problems during travel. These expenses may be very costly in a foreign tour and you may have none at your disposal to help and travel insurance gives assurance to travel in such cases. It can be taken separately or in a controlled form for domestic and foreign travel. Items covered in travel insurance: While taking a travel insurance, check the features of the policy and select the ones you deem necessary. Medical expenses: These covers doctor fees, ambulance and transport charges, hospitalization, medical tests and medications. ·

Insurance companies also pay for transport of the body in case the policy holder dies during the tour. Note: Generally, the life insurance we have may not be covered for foreign travel, so, it is better to take travel policy even if you have life insurance. Personal accidents: In case something happens and the policy holder gets injured, insurance companies will pay the finances for it. Loss of passport: In case of loss passport, expenses to get a duplicate or new passport is paid. Loss of luggage: Insurance company will pay for expenses in case loss or theft of luggage during travel, luggage sent to wrong place, delay in luggage transport till the luggage reaches you, purchase of part or complete items in luggage. Note: Gold, valuable items, and electronic items have a threshold in payment.

Some companies don’t cover such items in insurance and always check for such things before buying a policy. Cancellation of travel: In case of cancellation of travel due to illness to us or our family members, flight cancellation or delay, accommodation and new ticket in case of any issues from emergency reasons of not being able to catch flight are paid by the insurance company. Note: Cancellation of flights from the air travel company is compensated, so please check these details before taking a policy. Financial emergencies · Sometimes during travel, you may face emergency financial issues like loss of money, purse, card etc and these situations are covered by travel insurance. ·

Some policies cover theft in our house during travel, theft of our bank cards and misuse. Items not covered: · Travel against medical advice from doctors. · Problems and complications due to preexisting diseases. · Suicide or suicide attempt. · War and terrorist activities. · Participation in dangerous sports. The above reasons are generally not covered but it is better to know beforehand. Occasions when policy gets canceled: Giving wrong details during purchase, hiding some information, fraud, doing international crimes are some instances when the insurance company may cancel your policy. Policy considers the needs of travel, age, destination and time of trip. The premium and the conditions are based on these factors. Insurance companies have policies per the customer needs (single trip, trip with family, multiple trips) and you have to choose the policy that suits your requirements.