Saturday, July 24, 2021

Woman puts her husband’s intimate video with maid on YouTube

A woman has doubts about her husband cheating her for a long time. A woman in Saudi Arabia feels that her husband is having an affair with maid. To confirm this, she lodged a secret a mobile in the kitchen to capture video. This mobile apparently recorded his intimacy with the maid. Deeply upset by this, the woman to teach a lesson to her husband uploaded the same video into YouTube. But, she is now facing legal charges where she can get a jail term of about 1 year or a penalty worth 87 lac rupees as recording and posting personal videos in public domain using a mobile or other technology is a crime in Saudi. The government there has even ordered to remove this video from YouTube immediately.

Phone free if not delivered in 1 hour.

Ordinarily, it takes 2 for 3 days for an online order to reach destination. But now, to attract customers One Plus has come up with a new scheme. They say that if the order of One Plus One mobile does not reach the customer within 1 hour of order, the will give the phone for free. But, this scheme is only for residents of Bangalore and only for those who order them on Blow horn app. They say that though this offer is now only for Bangalore city, they are planning to expand the same to other big cities.
A software professional gang raped in Hyderabad.

In a tragic incident, a woman working as a software professional was gang raped by 3 men. An incident that saw light a bit late, a woman belonging to a rich community was reportedly taken by these men to the outskirts of Kukatpally and was raped. Fearing loss of dignity, this woman instead of going to police went to magistrate and filed a case on September 25th. Admitting the case, the magistrate has ordered Madhapur police to arrest Sanku Ramana, Kasagoni Rajesh, and Kiran.
Title fixed for Akhil’s Tamil film.

‘Akhil’ is obviously the name of Akhil’s first movie as hero with VV Vinayak. A superb song is being picturized now. Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya will also grace for a few moments in this song. This flick is being released in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously. Producer C. Kalyan is releasing this in Tamil. Meanwhile, Surya Kavacham is reportedly the title for this film in Tamil. Tamil audio release is planned on a big scale and super star Rajni Kanth will grace the occasion. This movie is releasing on October 22nd worldwide for Dassara.

1 lac bricks donated for capital

KCP Cements will donate 1 lac bricks for capital construction. KCP representative has met minister Narayana to this effect.

Meanwhile, CM Chandra Babu Naidu said that Nowadays, towns produce more income than villages. Speaking on the occasion of launching e-pragati project, he said after building Hitech city in Hyderabad, it is now time to do even more than that in Vizag also. He said that they are focusing on networking in Andhra. He said that he is a firm believer in that crisis produces opportunities.

E-pragati is a project where e-services are available from 33 departments and 315 organizations at one place. With all government services at one place, life is going to become easier for common man.

Jagan’s camera man arrested in spouse’s murder.

YS Jagan’s personal cameraman Vamsi Krishna has confessed to the killing of his wife, Varalakshmi. He along with his mother, sister and brother-in-law murdered her and buried her body besides a canal. This was done about 3 months back and to divert the Nagayalanka police, He complained that his wife was missing. Meanwhile, with their daughter not found, Varalakshmi’s parents approached HRC. Reacting on this, HRC ordered Krishna district SP to probe into this.

On orders from HRC, police investigated the case and found Vamsi guilty. Learning this, Vamsi went underground but after arresting his other family accomplices in the crime, he surrendered to the police. He reportedly confessed to the heinous crime in police interrogation.

Diamonds….beautiful health.

Scientists say besides their immense attractive value, diamonds can be used in health care as well. Colon cancer has been one of the more stubborn of cancers and though there are medicines, in most cases it is fatal. Now, since diamond has no side effects and is not toxic, scientists say that diamonds can be used to detect early stages of this cancer. Due to its adhesive nature, these can stick to the tissues, and the signals can be easily enhanced on MRI. By analyzing these signals, one can discern if the tumor is benign or harmful, according to Professor David. He further said that doctors are already using microparcticles of diamond in chemotherapy.

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