Salute to this old women


    Video explanation

    This is a busy road and there is a big stone in the middle of the road. No one was bothered about it. A guy with his grandmother was going on the same path. His bike almost hits the stone and the old man dropped her luggage bag. All the clothes and things became wet and checked her valuables. And the old lady went near to stone.

    A girl on the bike saw her

    She tried to remove it from the middle of the road. This old lady has much more responsibility than her grandson. Soon after, a girl on the bike saw her struggle. Then she canes to help the lady in removing the stone. The lady shifted the stone aside. Also helped the old lady to get on the bike.

    Best comments

    A great example of the old who still care about others. Kudos to this grand old lady and the younger lady. It just shows it doesn’t take much to be helpful, which is lacking in our society. Proud to be a woman. Women are very strong. Salute this girl and old woman. Great respect and salute to both nice and kind ladies.